Our mission

Our mission
It's no secret that disposable cups are an environmental disaster. We are drowning in disposable waste, with about 500 billion cups used annually, with only about 1% being recycled and the rest ending up in landfills and oceans. Research proves that the #1 reason why we use disposable cups is that existing reusable options are very bulky. For drinking a beverage that only takes about a few mins, consumers do not want to carry a big, bulky cup for the whole day. The most obvious solution is to make a reusable cup that is portable with space-saving capabilities. Tired of seeing disposables being tossed in our landfills and oceans, I decided to take on this challenge and teamed up with an industry expert on this project and reached out to the founder of Hydroflask (#1 drinkware brand) Travis Rosbach. Together we created the world's first double-walled stainless steel cup, foldable into a pocket-size. 

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