Foldable Drinkware

Collapsible, double-walled, leakproof good for both hot & cold beverage - the only reusable cup you'll ever need.

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Born out of passion for sustainability & a love for coffee

We strongly believe that in order to live a more sustainable lifestyle, we need solutions that are sustainable to our fast-paced lifestyle. Being eco-friendly 
should’t have to be a compromise or a burden.

- Vandita Joshi, Founder

the only reusable cup you’ll ever need

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Being made of s/s it will last, its a designer master piece, and good for the environment.

Heinz Arthur

It's brilliant will slip in a pocket or a bag always there when you want it 😍😍

Rosalyn Gardner

This is a great idea. It is so compact and looks easy to store.

Aileen Crisonino

Zero-Waste simplified

It’s no secret that disposable cups are an environment's disaster. We are drowning in disposable waste, with about 500 billion cups used annually. Sadly, only about 1% are being recycled, with the rest ending up in landfills and 
our ocean.

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don’t slow down,
we got you covered!

Tired of having to carry your on-the-go mug after you finished your morning coffee? We got you covered.

Zylch is collapsible, double-walled, leakproof, and ready to hit the road, no matter the destination.

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