Zylch Cleaning Brush

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Bamboo Cleaning Brush

Designed specifically to clean your Zylch Cup. High-density firm bristles make it easy to brush off stains on a variety of surfaces without wearing and scratching. The Shorter handle ensures a firm grip and completes more vigorous scrubbing tasks. The curved cup brush head can be deep inside the bottle to clean.

Wine Lid

The shape of the wine lid allows for better air exposure and helps show the wine's full potential and character so that you can enjoy each sip even more.

Water Lid

The water lid has a wider mouth and is more comfortable for water.

Boba Lid

And boba tea lid comes with a collapsible silicone straw 

100% Leakproof

LockSeal tiers to ensure the
cup remains 100% leakproof


Made with a double-walled
steel structure

No Abrupt collapsing

Designed with
LockSeal Design

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Folds so small!

Love this cup and the fact that it can fold up so small. Makes my life easy, and I get a lot of compliments when carrying it.

- Kristina M.

I love this mug!

Fantastic Mug! I'm extremely satififed with the quality. The way it functions is awesome!

- CP

Perfect for traveling

This is the perfect mug to pack for camping. It fits perfecting in my backpack. Would highly recommend 
for outdoor enthusiasts!

- Elliot B.

Car camping essential

Zylch has answered all of my camping needs! This mug is perfect for van life and doesn’t take up unnecessary room when packing.

- Adam T.

Born out of passion for sustainability & a love for coffee

We strongly believe that in order to live a more sustainable lifestyle, we need solutions that are sustainable to our fast-paced lifestyle. Being eco-friendly 
should’t have to be a compromise or a burden.

- Vandita Joshi, Founder

don’t slow down,
we got you covered!

Tired of having to carry your on-the-go mug after you finished your morning coffee? We got you covered.

Zylch is collapsible, double-walled, leakproof, and ready to hit the road, no matter the destination.