The Zylch Impact

We get it, using single-use cups is convenient. And while your morning coffee cup doesn’t seem like much waste, consuming one single-use cup at a cafe everyday for a year, takes one entire tree’s worth of paper.

If everyone is doing it,
that adds up. Fast.

The Plastic Crisis

500 billion disposable cups worldwide per year

Plastic cups are usually used only once and then tossed, ending up primarily in landfills and oceans. Paper cups are lined with plastic and so belong to this category of waste. Both the production and disposal of cups have a negative impact on the environment.

Health hazards

Disposed plastic cups end up creating islands of plastic around the ocean, harming wildlife and human health. Microplastics can travel up through the food chain and into your diet. Try and digest that with your early morning coffee. (yuck!)

Not recyclable

Considering that plastic cups take about 500 years to disintegrate naturally into the environment, we've created quite a mess. Only about 1% of disposable cups end up getting recycled. What about the other 99%?